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Artasbygg Ab is an experienced and reliable contractor for carrying out drainage work. We are ISOCERT 2.0 certified. We make all drainages, both for private houses and large companies.We can offer complete solutions that are implemented by our professionally skilled employees.


Professional Drainage Services in Stockholm

Looking for dependable drainage solutions in Stockholm? EnglishArtasbygg Ab is a leader in providing top-tier drainage services for both homes and businesses.

Being ISOCERT 2.0 certified, our expert team ensures a smooth process from inception to completion. Trust us for a seamless and effective drainage system.


Expert Drainage Contractor in Stockholm

EnglishArtasbygg Ab stands as a benchmark for high-quality drainage works in Stockholm. From private residences to large enterprises, we've got you covered.

Our ISOCERT 2.0 certification reflects our commitment to excellence. Let our skilled professionals handle your drainage needs, ensuring optimum results.


Reliable Stockholm Drainage Solutions

Turn to EnglishArtasbygg Ab for comprehensive and efficient drainage services, whether for a private home or a large company.

Our ISOCERT 2.0 certified team offers holistic solutions, overseeing every step to guarantee your project's success.


certified company

To ensure that you, as a property owner, feel confident that the work is carried out correctly and with proper documentation, we have trained contractors for several years. An ISOCERT CONTRACTOR that we have sent has completed our training program with satisfactory results and guarantees to follow ISODRÄN AB's work instructions.

When you as a customer hire an ISOCERT CONTRACTOR that we have sent, you know that the work will be carried out by someone who understands the ISODRÄN METHOD and the importance of following ISODRÄN AB's work instructions.

  1. Why are my walls wet and why is there dampness on them?
    There are several reasons for wet walls, but one of the most common issues is inadequate or ineffective drainage around the property, leading to water seeping into the walls.
  2. What is drainage?
    Drainage is a process that ensures the removal of rainwater and groundwater from the surroundings of a building, thereby protecting the foundations from moisture.
  3. What are the signs that my property might need new drainage?
    Signs of dampness on walls, mold, paint peeling off, wet spots, or an unpleasant smell in rooms are common indicators that drainage may be ineffective.
  4. Is drainage expensive?
    The cost of drainage depends on several factors such as the size of the property, type of soil, and access difficulties. It's best to consult specialists in the field for an accurate quote.
  5. What should I do if I suspect I have a drainage problem?
    If you notice signs of moisture issues, it's best to consult with a drainage specialist company as soon as possible. Professionals will assess the problem and propose an appropriate solution.
  6. How long does the drainage process take?
    The duration of the drainage process depends on the size and type of the project, but it typically ranges from a few days to a few weeks.
  7. Is drainage the only solution to the dampness problem?
    While drainage is one of the most effective ways to combat moisture in buildings, there are also other methods, such as waterproofing, which may be employed depending on the specific problem.
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